Old-brand of China"s industrial washing machines

"Happiness" series industrial washing equipment is the first developed for commercial, industrial machinery and facilities cleaning category. Enterprise (Shanghai Industrial Washing Machine Plant) was established in 1979, drawing on the basis of similar imported products, combined with the actual situation of being self-developed brand of Xingfu industrial washing machine, industrial dryer, electric clothes drying and ironing machines, at the time not only to better meet the enterprises and institutions, hotels and guest houses needs. And filled countries in the washing machinery gaps, commended by Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission many times by the time with the recognition and reward.

Happiness washing equipment glorious course of development

1982 Happiness Industrial washing machine along with the exclusive sponsor of Koadk Cup of China youth football match, rapid well-known throughout the country, Orders like an avalanche, customers all over the country
1983, Happiness washing facilities designated by the national vessel industry as supporting products;national Antarctic research fleet used several times
1995, Agencies are listed as UNESCO World Health Organization standard product selection; 9 years later was named Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai happy washing plant was awarded the title of advanced unit BrandName service.

"Two Magic"help happiness Washing Machine being invincible washing machine

Thirty years, happiness washing machine Co., LTD. Insists on real material, ensure product "shaky durable" characteristic,every year hundreds of customers using the device to be updated for 10 years, have once again chosen to concentrate on the brand of happiness Washing equipment. The main reason being due to washing equipment products are durable, rugged, long life.

Happiness XGP-10 KG,XGP-15 KG,XGP-20 KG Appling washing machine wash off function not only excellent and consumption power consumption of the same specification only 40% of automatic washing weaning. And the price is generally lower than the same size automatic eluting one half. Improving the well-being cost-effective industrial washing machine twin loved by our customers, which lasted more than 30 years selling ever.

Shanghai Happiness Industrial Washing Machine Co., Ltd. LTD in the tide of adhering to reform and opening up an enterprise of honesty and trustworthiness, continue for domestic and foreign customers. Welcome throughout the inquiry.

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